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Symbol of Apulian cuisine, orecchiette are our passion and we want to share it with all our customers.

Famous for its characteristic concave format, smooth on the outside and rough on the inside, it resembles
the shape of a small ear.

It is a perfect pasta to capture and collect our sauces well, we make it by hand as per tradition, a simple dough and all the mastery of Andrea and his staff.

There is no official documentation that indicates its origin, but only anecdotes and local stories that have been handed down in the past.

It seems that there was a similar pasta format in ancient Rome, in the Middle Ages it is said that the counts of Provence loved a pasta called crosest with the circular shape and hollowed in the center, a shape that was designed to make the pasta easy to dry, to keep it longer.

But it is certainly in Puglia that this tradition is born, between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, a tradition that you can enjoy here at the Ristorante da Gianni with our fantastic condiments with the flavors of the sea.

Ristorante da Gianni, we put the seas in pasta since 1968.

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