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Gianni Ippolito, my father, was a robust young man, originally from Puglia.
He worked at sea, for a company that connected the islands of the Tuscan archipelago to the coast.

During a day of navigation, on the route that leads from Piombino to the Island of Elba, a young woman fell sharply into the sea from the hydrofoil bridge.
Gianni, without delay, dived into the sea and saved her.

Some time later, the company began to carry out airport activities in the small airport of La Pila, and commissioned my father to plan the opening of a refreshment in the area.
This structure was built, often with simple materials, almost lucky, but obtained all the permits, starting the activity.

The possibility of opening a real restaurant came in 1968, the bold gesture of the rescue at sea a few years earlier was rewarded:

The husband of the woman who fell into the sea was a very famous Italian entrepreneur, who, once he became aware of Gianni’s wishes, wanted to thank him by buying for him a complete supply of equipment for the restaurant, furnishings, provisions, crockery, work tools and much more …

This anecdote was the pride of my father, and even today we keep the old pans received as a gift. I tell it with emotion and gratitude to the generous entrepreneur.

My family, my mother, my sister, my wife, me and all our collaborators, we have dedicated our lives with passion to the “Ristorante da Gianni”, grateful to my father for the opportunity and security that this activity has givenus, with the hope that it will never stop.

Today the restaurant is located on the Island of Elba, in Portoferraio. With passion and heart it also grew with the contribution of Laura who brought her organizational and management skills with a strong message “only with honesty, skills and serious commitment companies become solid”… like ours.

Welcome to Gianni!

With affection towards readers and dear friends who have always filled our home.

Andrea Ippolito

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